Blog PostVIVA Bahrain - 1 day review

I am one of the people who gets really annoyed when I don't get what I have been promised with. I have people who don't keep their promises. So, I walk to Viva Shop in Jawad Dome. I stay in the Queue, and the shop says sorry we are closed. After waiting for 1 hour, they said they closed. Of-course after people showing their annoyance, they said they'll process who ever was there.. and they wont accept new customers. So, I wait for another hour. And I get my SIM Card, but not activated card. I get promised to have the card active by the same night, or maximum by next morning (Which is today). However, today at about 3.00pm, I try to use the card. and the Card is not active, so I call 124.. I make a big deal of it and the team leader Hussain Alfardan, does his magic... and gets my card activated 4 hours later... Anyway, I call this magic... It rarely works with telecoms companies. However, the card is active, so I try it on my iPhone. I get the regular message from any provider saying that the handset cannot be configured automatically and I have to contact 124. However, I call them, and they say:

Sorry Sir, we don't have manual settings.

I tell him to escalate my issue, and he forwards me to his manager, and the manager says:

Sorry Sir, we don't have manual settings and there is nothing I can do to help you!!!

Wow, what a customer service guy, if he worked for me, he would have been fired instantly. They don't provide manual settings and they tell me they cannot do anything for me... I am paying for a service and I cannot use this service.

Also, I call again asking about why I am being charged BHD1.429 on the unbilled for my number. He they say we cannot help you sir.. We have to call you back after couple of hours. What type of service is this? They are running a joke company!