Blog PostMy Nicknames -- Compiler and Ali the savior

I had two nick names that I always loved to be called with, I didn't invent them but they just got attached to me and I loved them. I remember the first day I was called Compiler... I was in the Computer Science Lab, Building 15, University of Bahrain -- Location Isa Town. We were doing the computer science 102 (C++ Programming) assignment. I completed mine faster than everyone. So I started helping others... Many of my colleagues didn't have good knowledge or let's say interest in programming, so they had lots of structural and logical mistakes... So, one of my colleagues had an error when compiling the C++ Code. So, I took a look at the code and I found the error and fixed it.. And I heard people around me saying: Aah, Compiler!! Since that day, many people know me as Ali Compiler!

The other name Ahmed Alghawas (Friend of mine) called me it and I loved it... I think I will start using it too.. He had an issue with a Linux server, and he have been told that I am a Linux Expert, so he spoke to me and I helped.. He called me Ali the savior.. And we became friends since that day!

I was telling Jassim BuHayal about the new nickname since he only knew Compiler since UOB Days... And he said, its nice.. Use it as: The Savior, Ali The Savior... Just like, Bond, James Bond!