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Webfaction is no longer in business, hence I had two options:

  1. Migrate my wordpress site to another hosting provider.
  2. Redo the website with Jamstack technology.

I opted for the second option.



I used tailwindcss for this design. Tailwind is awesome, saves a lot of time moving between CSS file and HTML (JSX in my case).

I am in love with React, though I develop applications in Angular, React, and Svelte, I choose React with NextJS here.

The whole frontend is coded with React/NextJS, Pre-Rendered with Static Site Generation.


I used Firebase for the comments system, yet, there are no replies to comments yet, but I am working on it. Firebase is an awesome service and I don't think I will ever exceed the free tier.


I am using Vercel for my hosting now. Though I have a lot of Cloud Virtual Machines, between AWS and other providers, I choose Vercel since its free for personal accounts.

It's way faster than the old wordpress blog, and I took the time to fix SEO now.

2020 wasn't so bad after all, however, starting 2021 I shall start my youtube channel about Software Engineering.


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